I was running WP last night several times with friends to get the cloak for my LM (guard, burg, lm combo rocks!! Most enjoyable group I've done so far I think) without any luck. Instead, weapons drop. This dagger that drops from the first boss of WP really confuses me. When you look at it, it looks like a slightly better weapon than Amdillang.

My LM would love to use that. One problem: LMs can't use daggers. Lets think about other classes. Runekeepers can't use it. Minstrels will be using an LI. Same for captain. Burgs and hunters could use is as an offhand aside from the fact it's no good for them and there's better stuff out there. So why on earth did the devs make a dagger with these stats? It should have been a sword...or basically put that extra bit of morale on Amdillang.

To end on a positive note, my LM won the BG gloves last night. That would be my first on-level raid peice! (I was 65 when doing watcher and DN). Pity I won't be wearing them outside of BG though. The Watcher set is just too sweet.