On respawns during raids

Warning, late night rant after several hours of raiding (and am in fact still in said raid)! :P

The BG mechanic of mobs respawning whilst you're in the raid is just bloody stupid and what has turned off a lot of all but the most hardcore, best raiding kins from the raid. It takes so much effort, work, and time to get to the bosses. By the time you get to the boss you don't have much time for several tries at the bosses before all the "trash" respawns (I use the term 'trash' loosely as the mobs/pulls between bosses can be damn hard). I've been doing a run with RRU tonight and we did awesome on the guantlet and did Durchest HM. But the part heading up to the Twins just took a bit too long. We got one try at HM on the twins (got close but not quite damnit). We want to try again...but it's all respawned. Neither minstrel was able to make it back on their own so we did a suicide run and got 8 people back up to the Twins..but missing crucial people. Currently I'm sitting here waiting to see if people can sneak up (and my poor friend Sassy's burg's repair bill is going to be insane. Share the Fun isn't so fun for him I think!). The one-shotting wargs are making running up impossible.

It's all the trash in between bosses that has kept my own kin from running BG very much, especially as that trash isn't forgiving in the least in regards to mistakes. One missed mez generally foreshadows a wipe. Not to mention bugged wargs that you can't see even when they're on your radar!. Whatever dev thought it would be a good idea to reduce the amount of tries you have on a boss..well frankly my feeling at the moment is that they can go to hell. :P


xhii 2 October 2010 at 01:26  

The respawns really suck. I think the respawn time is around 3 hours from the first trash clear so on the first runs it doesn't give much time to try the actual bosses (sucks doubly hard on the LT when just the running back up takes over 5 minutes and after a few wipes the armours downstairs may have respawned). It does help to try and keep bio breaks and other afks to a minimum though :D. Or tell people to keep a potty by the computer :D.

Erunaneth 2 October 2010 at 05:24  

We actually had very little bit in the way of breaks, but supposedly looting took overly long. The raid leader didn't know that the 2nd bit would reset and I'm not sure any of us realised exactly how long we were taking. We had some plain bad luck (bugged wargs as I mentioned) and twice right as I pressed my Blinding Flash, the stupid corruption came up on the sorcerers which rendered them immune. Bleh...

xhii 2 October 2010 at 09:00  

Ouch, that sucks! The wargs are such a pain, I don't remember a single run when both of the last 2 wargs would have worked properly. These days I can at least see the second last ("fountain room") warg after it's tracked but the last one stays invisible almost always and the track pointer doesn't move on the minimap... and suddenly you're pounced and killed and nom'd.