Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has a good one and a fun time tonight!

Finally!...and then some fun

So some of you might remember the few posts I've made where I had just barely missed out on getting the DN robe for my Loremaster. Well no more! My plight has come to an end! :P Behold pretty robe #2! (though apologies for dx9 graphics...really wish xfire ingame would work with 10!)

So very glad to finally have it! Many many thanks to the group I was in! It was a very fun evening all around. :)

Yule festival finally started up this week and Turbine has done another great job improving the festivals. My LM has been busy in Winter-home and also working on her Inn League and Ale Association rep...though I'm starting to question my dedication on the later tasks as those deliveries are so damned boring.

Fun in the snowball field....oh, it was snowballs not tar I was supposed throw? Right, will try to remember that! *makes mental note* But tar effects can be quite funny!

Playing around

The latest update removed the armour restrictions for wearing items cosmetically. So it is now possible for light-armour wearers to wear heavy armour. Just for giggles, a friend and I played around with it!

Minstrel and champ:

Heavy armour LMs!

It's fun for some laughs every now and again, but not something I'd seriously keep. :P

Update day!

The November update finally hit the EU today. It meant lots of new horses, new vault and crafting panel and new LM skills. I was hoping we were going to get the winter festival but that doesn't start until next week. *pouts*

Last night I completed my last rep faction that I need for the World Renowned Horse (the Algraig..they were a pain to get kindred with). So today I logged on and was immediately awarded with two horses! *cheers.

The Elven meta deed horse:

World Renowned Horse:

The only drawback with them is the flags. I don't mind the flags per say, but they don't seem to move naturally with the horse. I'll more than likely keep using my Galahdrim War Steed, especially now that they updated it's hit points (and rightly so!)

I spent a few G on the Rivendell horse as well :P

I decided not to buy the Mathom horse as I just don't think I'll ever use it as cute as it is. I also saw on Casual Stroll to Mordor that there's a new Malledhrim horse, but I wasn't able to find it.

The new Loremaster skills are pretty cool (Frost Lore, Staff Sweep and in-combat pet summoning). I'm not too thrilled with their animations though, especially Frost Lore. First time I cast it, I was reminded of a fairy casting a spell. It's going to look very funny on human male LMs. :D

I noticed it puts some ice stuff on mobs:

We have a raid tonight so it will be interesting to try out the new debuff. Staff Sweep might be helpful on the LT as when your pet flanks you can use it to regain power. We shall see.

Now bring on the festival!

Another productive evening!

I had another awesome raid night...got my 4th BG piece (though equipping it makes me lose a noticeable chunk of morale :/) and then later was able to persuade two friends to make one last dungeons run for my horse (many, many thanks for all of their help)!

I know some say this horse is ugly, but I really like it and am proud to have it. I love the leaf motif and think it has lovely detail. The only negative is that it only has 150hp which is less than the kindred Grey Company Steed. You'd think the Dol Guldur HM metadeed horse would have more as it's a hell of a lot harder to get.

I'm also well on my way to kindred with the Algraig so should have all rep done in time for the update!

RP Lite

Joined a couple of kinnies tonight to play music in The Hall of Fire. Personally for me right now, this is enough 'rp'...playing music, a little banter and dancing. It was fun. :)


An elf dancing with a man? What a scandal!!