Great post by RedNeckRonin at the CM forums:

Do you honestly think the majority of players derive any satisfaction from having to complete old content (same old horse race every festival) even more times (three times now, instead of just one) for a horse that looks like Stevie Wonder designed it?

lmaorofl. :P

And just found out there's a deed associated with the housing collect them all. I don't see how that's going to be physically possible at 20 tokens each. I have to work, eat, and sleep you know. *rolls eyes*

Seriously Turbine?

The new horse is so ugly! :P

I'm a horse collector, but I'm seriously thinking about skipping this one because of the amount of grinding it's going to take to get a horse I'll never, ever use. It costs 30 anniversary tokens and 3 race tokens. The only way to get said tokens is to do the beer fight or run the races once a day. That's it. :/ They've got some new housing items which look like they'll be cool (but are also far too expensive). Those I'd actually want. But having to do 30 beer fights for that horse? Meh. They really need to have some alternative activities for earning the coins. Otherwise it seems the beer fights run every 10 minutes. Say I wanted to get one of the housing items that cost 20 tokens. That's several hours worth of grinding, which just isn't going to happen. A major grind isn't the nicest way to celebrate LOTRO's 4th anniversary, though I suppose it's keeping with the spirit of the current game. :/

A little enebriated

I needed to clear some room out of my bags whilst questing in Moria (yes, there. It's for deeds. I avoided the place like the plague when leveling so still have quest deeds there...not to mention kill deeds.) I had some ale from the Bullroarer's Challenge, so drank it to free up a bag slot. Drunk fighting ftw.

The drunk effect gave the Flaming Deeps a wierd green glow. Was interesting. ^^


My captain spotted a ghostie with a funny name this evening:

Silly, but it gave me a chuckle. :P

DING!! Kindred!

After many, many, many Rift skirmishes, I finally achieved kindred status with the Eldgang! *cheers* :D

This was the one blight on my kindred list. Very happy I got it done. Skirmish marks are good, but I can use a break from that skirmish now. :P