Great post by RedNeckRonin at the CM forums:

Do you honestly think the majority of players derive any satisfaction from having to complete old content (same old horse race every festival) even more times (three times now, instead of just one) for a horse that looks like Stevie Wonder designed it?

lmaorofl. :P

And just found out there's a deed associated with the housing collect them all. I don't see how that's going to be physically possible at 20 tokens each. I have to work, eat, and sleep you know. *rolls eyes*


xhii 20 April 2011 at 11:59  

The maps aren't Bound so you could make a team of friends and everyone grinds tokens for one map and then you swap maps until everyone has the deed done.

Lothirieth 20 April 2011 at 12:19  

Yeah I know. It's still an absurd amount needed. Think I'm like to 13 tokens now.