Got rank 5 on my LM last night (really starting to enjoy pvp on freepside). LMs really are crappy for killing blows as you can see. :P

And, got kindred with the Lossoth and got my fluffy pony on my hunter! That was my last rep horse to get for the time being. But now I'm feeling slightly masochistic and want to get kindred on my other alts so they can have access to the crafting recipes up there. My LM would love a tiny polar bear! :D


Strange...when I scroll down my blog I'm seeing multiples of the same entry. Is it just me or does anyone else see these duplicates?

If they are visible I have no clue how to fix this as when I go to the edit posts tab on my dashboard, it says there's only one of each post. *scratches head*

edit: woot fixed it. Thanks Google! :P

Middle Earth Fashion

I finally took the time to get some screenshots of my characters' outfits to post in the outfits thread on the CM forums. It should be an easy and quick thing to do, but I didn't just want shots of my characters just standing still. Have to make them interesting after all, so it took a bit of time.

I should have had a new Loremaster outfit right now. I am near the top of the loot list for DN, with only people who have/don't want the DN chest piece. Our kin had a BO/Mistress run on Sunday and I was all set to finally take it and get my pretty robe. But due to spousal aggro I didn't get to try again and someone else got my lovely armour. *sigh*

Loremaster and Hunter. Would looooove the DN chest/legs on my hunter but doubt that will ever happen :P I'm a bit odd, I like good gear but I think a lot of my motivation for raid gear is its cosmetic value! :P

Captain and champ. I'm really in love with the Annuminas heavy armour set. I think it's gorgeous. I had to beg a few kinnies to go back and run an instance before f2p hit so I could use up my Anorian armour pieces to get the boots. With my champ I've gotten lucky with some random drops off mobs. She was only in the 30s when I made these outfits. Lowbies can be hard to make look good and I think I've done alright. Though to be honest, I'm not sure how much I'll deviate from that look as I'm not so fond of the vast majority of heavy armour on females. It's far too bulky for me.

Rivendell Vault

It suddenly struck me the other day how this vault in Rivendell just doesn't look like it belongs. Wooden crates and bags stacked haphazardly and coins strewn about...all in the well kept and fine house of Elrond. Would it really have been that hard to make it blend in a bit better? It really is plain ugly. Though it's interesting that it took me this long to recognise it. :P

Impromptu Rift v2

A whole lot a rifting going on lately! This time it was with some Ettens folks. We pretty much blasted through the place, except for on the second boss when Ausy told us to just nuke him and ignore the adds for fun. It was fun alright! And deadly. :P Didn't get the balrog down as it got too late for a second try.

But xhii! Look what your noob kinnie did! :P Death by yellow water ftw.

Free at last!

It's always such a feeling of relief when you step out the other side of Moria and see trees and sky again! It's funny, with all my alts I've always had a feeling of excitement when entering Moria as honestly it is a pretty epic place. But once you're in and have done the first round of quests or so, that excitement wears off and I find myself already longing to be out. I'm actually pretty glad that I joined the game after Lothlorien was added on. I'm not sure I could have dealt with having to stay in Moria for months and months. I've only finished all the quests on my minstrel as I was leveling with a warden friend and that combination seemed like the perfect opportunity to be able to take on anything and everything without needing any outside help. I'm glad I've seen the entirety of Moria as there is some good stuff in there, but I highly doubt it's an experience I'll repeat again...except maybe on my hunter when I get completionist urges! ^^

Crap, crap, crap!

These gave me quite the good laugh. One about f2p and the other about hunters vs. rks.

Impromptu Rift

A few kin mates randomly decided to go the Rift last night. I really cannot wait until they scale this instance. I would love to be able to experience it with all on level people. We went in with 7 people and much laughter and fun ensued! I really love playing my loremaster there. Zurm was very especially fun: antistuns, debuffs, mezzes oh my! We beat Frûz with 5 which was a surprise as our champ ran in the wrong way and triggered the fight before we were ready. 4 of us then went on to see how far we could get but unfortunately Zogtark and his elder drakes proved a bit too much for us. Good fun all around, though too bad I was kept a bit too busy to take any screenshots in combat. Need to be on hunter for that. :P

Beam me up Scotty!


FINALLY got my first Watcher piece on my hunter! Yeah, yeah...loads of people have it, but I'm not in a kin that does loads of raiding. It takes a while to work your way to the top of the list (and you have to pass up other shiny stuff along the way :/). So many thanks to RRU for helping me get it! :D I'm glad I finally joined up with them as raiding has been a very fun. I just wish I could do more.

RP event: Passage to the Havens

Last week I was by the Hall of Fire questing on my little champ Nenneth when I decided to pop in and hassle a friend who was rping there momentarily. Little did I know I was going to end up staying and meeting some great folks. I'm so glad I did as rp is something I've been wanting to get into. I met the lovely members of Loth-i-Lonnath (Curugirion, Aearandir, Durthand) and had an absolutely lovely time with them. So much so that I stayed up with them and my friend until the server was shutting down. It was so refreshing to find such accepting, inclusive and friendly people and great rp...especially after the fail of an event I'd attended the previous night with mass amounts of OOC spam and just downright non-inclusive people who were too wrapped up in themselves.

Loth-i-Lonnath held an event last night as they were travelling from Imladris back to the Havens and invited others to come along. I of course jumped at the opportunity to meet up with them and even finally sat down and worked up a background for a character...something I've been thinking about doing for a while. Funnily enough I've done this with an alt nowhere near being my main..but it's worked out really well.

All in all the journey was lovely, until the end when a few people decided to hijack the event and try to make the show about them. I found it in extreme poor taste and to be the weak spot of the group (some of the rp was just atrocious...I'm a noob and I can see that!). Hopefully next week will be a bit smoother in that regard.

But yay! I'm very glad to be getting into this and have found such great people. Screenies after the jump!

Maybe you shouldn't be here...

I find it quite fun venturing places I really shouldn't go. One fun place is the Vile Maw before you have any radiance. The dread leaves you with so very little morale and the acid dot threatens to kill you! I went in to get the dwarf deed done for some much needed xp, but it seems my captain was too little at 53.

Also, I find the dread effect can make for some stunning pictures. Desaturation ftw:

Angels in lotro?

Nah, just me rocking Elrond's chair. :D Maybe I was overstepping my bounds, sitting on the same side as Elrond, Gandalf et all whilst they talk to Laerdan, but you know what? That guy has made me go all over Middle Earth and he's about to send me to Forochel. I think I deserve it! :P

Also, looks like Elrond has had some work on his eyes!


...because this name did take some thought and effort. I love it! :D I hope no lore police see him. I know of at least one lame player who actively seeks out and reports ooc names.


Never quite expected this to ever happen! I've been promoted to an officer position in my kin. :)