Latest Outfit

After the ugliness that was OD and Draigoch armour, Turbine has returned to the nice-looking raid sets. I think a lot of the Isenguard raid armour looks quite nice. I've yet to get the LM robe as it's the worst piece of the set and I'm working on getting my 5-set bonus for a 35s blinding flash. I'll grind out those seals to get the teal robe as I think it looks a lot better than the purple-set robe. And of course my champ would love the chest and leg armour pieces as well, but she'd need to complete Saruman and grind the seals as well. I'm sure she'll get it at some point.

I've started to incorporate some Isenguard raid pieces and I feel I've come up with a nice non-dress caster outfit! :)

All Black Dye aside from head which I've not dyed.
Head: Hat of Deep Lore
Shoulders: Shoulder Pads of the Iordur (Loremaster Tower of Orthanc teal set)
Chest: Breastplate of the Lady's Power (Champion DN set)
Gloves: Gloves of the Iordur (Loremaster ToO teal set)
Legs: Trousers of the Iordur (Loremaster ToO teal set)
Shoes: Memory of the West Shoes (Loremaster Ost Dunhoth t2 set)

I also have to share this screenie as I think it looks cool. I didn't end up using it for armour pictures as the arm does cover the chest armour.