It's a dangerous business...

"...going out of your door. You step into the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to."

During the downtime due to the server migration from Codemasters to Turbine, I redownloaded the Rift client and gave the game another shot. I wasn't in the mood for single player games and Rift was running a week-long free trial, so I thought, what the hell, why not? I'd played Rift a bit when it was in Beta and I really hadn't liked it at the time. The skills were fairly cool, but I couldn't make the graphics nice, the story didn't interest me at just seemed like generic fantasy crap.

But for some reason, this next try at it was different. I dunno why. :P I'm sure being able to make the game look pretty really helped. ;) I still think the story is quite meh and to be honest, I'm really not reading the quests all that closely. :P But I am having a great time exploring a new world. :) I think that's what really does it with a game for me: awesome surroundings.

I had started a mage on the Guardian side and I very much prefer the scenery of Silverwood and the kinds of mobs there. Though the whole religious thing isn't me at all. :P

Any kinnies that have been playing have chose the Defiant side, so I begrudgingly moved over and started a mage there. Whilst the whole atheist thing is much more appealing, I don't like style of the Defiants as much nor like the amount of undead mobs there are around. But it's okay. Whilst I'm sure I could eventually make friends on another server, right now I just wanted to settle down with friends and have fun. Plus, it's no big deal if I look like a complete uber nub around them. :D :P

There's still plenty of pretty stuff to be seen on the Defiant side. Some revolving thing in the main city:

I was near a border so ventured into a new area. I didn't go very far as the mobs were a fair bit above my level it seemed.

When I first wandered into Stonefield(?), I was really blown away by the scenery. What an incredible first view!! The area reminds me somewhat of Wales. I'm really looking forward to venturing into this area. :)

This is the one thing Rift has over Lotro: new scenery. As much as I love Lotro, I always know what's coming next. So having a new world to explore has been really fun. :)

Heeey, batter batter batter!

Found a baseball bat when questing on my guardian. Well, technically it's a club, but I found it amusing. ;)

Back again...

Long time, no write. Lots going on in life that has left me with not a lot of extra energy, so some things slip. I've still been playing Lotro (escapism, woo!) though not as much. It's been nearly two years of playing quite a lot, so it's not surprising I've been feeling like cutting down a bit. I'm not quite in the mood to level up yet another character to 65 (even though the little bit I've done on guardian has been fun), all my LM has to do is deeds and I was able to quickly uber up my champ with the new stuff that came out with the update. I've started to play Rift as well and it's been highly enjoyable exploring a new world. I don't think it's as good as Lotro, but something new and different and having a bit of a break helps me enjoy Lotro when I come back to it.

So, the last time I wrote, I was ranting about the Anniversary GrindFest. Well, the collector in me won out. *sighs and rolls eyes* I got the Stevie Wonder horse. And all the maps. But! People were able to work together to get the maps so I only ground out a few on my own. I got reeeeeeeeeeally sick of running those damned horse races on several toons. :P

A fellow kinnie and me with Stevie Wonder horses:

Since my last entry, the European servers have been transferred over to Turbine. No more Codemasters for us. Latency has gone up but for the most part, I don't think it's been affecting my game. I have had some periods with lots of loss, but I think that was random internet troubles and nothing to do with connecting to the game. On the final day, people gathered in Bree before the plug was pulled.

We also are now getting American adverts. Whenever I see this, for a split second, I think I'm back home. :P

The migration went smoothly and quickly for most people and it took no longer than what Turbine said, so all in all, things are as normal. We've also had the new expansion date released, so now the latest raid gear and first agers seem like something to not bother with anymore. :P Whilst new content is always really appreciated, our kin still has quite a bit of work left on the OD raid. It's looking like we won't get that done, and most certainly not all the deeds which is going to disappoint the few deed completionist we have in kin.