Free at last!

It's always such a feeling of relief when you step out the other side of Moria and see trees and sky again! It's funny, with all my alts I've always had a feeling of excitement when entering Moria as honestly it is a pretty epic place. But once you're in and have done the first round of quests or so, that excitement wears off and I find myself already longing to be out. I'm actually pretty glad that I joined the game after Lothlorien was added on. I'm not sure I could have dealt with having to stay in Moria for months and months. I've only finished all the quests on my minstrel as I was leveling with a warden friend and that combination seemed like the perfect opportunity to be able to take on anything and everything without needing any outside help. I'm glad I've seen the entirety of Moria as there is some good stuff in there, but I highly doubt it's an experience I'll repeat again...except maybe on my hunter when I get completionist urges! ^^


Eiadric 23 August 2010 at 01:55  

Oooh. I know that feeling. After months and months of being in Moria it was an incredible experience to come out on the other side.

It was really late at night, I was a bit tipsy, and no other kinnies were logged on. One the most memorable experiences in Lotro for me. The beautiful sun light. The poweful music. It almost felt real. Strange that a game can create such feelings.

Ahhh. I've got goose bumps as I type this :)