Green-eyed monster

It's getting pretty tough to see all the US lotro blogs raving over the Haunted Cellar. I must say I'm quite jealous. EU folks did get a festival (much to everyone's surprise) but it's only the old festival. The Troves and Trickery quests seemed different though and we got some new consumables, so at least some effort has been made by Codemasters. But the jewel of the festival seems to be the Haunted Cellar which is tied to f2p which the EU doesn't have yet...and who knows when we'll get it. We're supposed to be getting a date announced in the next week. I just hope this announcement won't be f2p coming in a month or so.

So in the meantime, I'll grind some virtues whilst those across the pond have fun in the cellar. At least I found these goblins to have a chat with whilst in Goblin Town...though I'm afraid their conversation bored me so much I had to kill them. :P