Looks like someone entered the numbers in the wrong field. Though, luckily for them, they'll get their stuff back. I've entered numbers in the wrong field before and sold something for faaaaaaaaaar much less than it's worth.


Xusia 20 October 2010 at 17:48  

Ooh you're quite rich ! 68 Gold indeed :)

Peoples in-game wealth is just a tricky subject as their real life personal finances, I find.

What's the economy like on your server. Gilrain's is okay but lacks so many items.

Brandywine's is superb with pages of choice and reasonable prices due to the high population.

Erunaneth 21 October 2010 at 05:20  

Hmm, I've amassed around 200 gold amongst my characters (selling Lorien rep armour and jewelry has boosted my income, allowing me to buy cosmetic horses, a kin house, and a couple good LIs). But funnily I don't think I'm that rich because I know quite a few people who have significantly more than me!

Considering this is the only MMO I've played, I'm not sure what the economy is like on Laurelin. One of my good friends says it's horrible. Usually you can find a mat that you need, but sometimes not and often I find them very overpriced. Some LIs, such as lvl65 3rd hunter bows, are extremely expensive. And lower level crafted armour, jewelry, and weapons is practically non-existent. Personally I find the AH to be somewhat unstable when it comes to prices and availability.

Erunaneth 21 October 2010 at 05:21  

Oh and I totally didn't mean to post my bank balance to everyone! Completely forgot that it's displayed on the AH panel! *embarrassed*