New shiny!

Got the latest and greatest LM sword tonight! w00t! I did my first BG raid with my new kin and it was very enjoyable...well...except for that part where I wiped the raid. :/ Meh, it was only my second time dealing with the sorcerers on LM and at least I feel like I learned a lot tonight. Also, it was so refreshing to go clear the first two bosses in HM in one night and have it feel mostly easy, given the raid's been out for nearly 11 months now. Tonight definitely made me feel that I made the right choice to move, which is a nice feeling. :)


Tingilinde 22 October 2010 at 05:29  

Ohhh Congratulations with it! :D

We got it too last night! :o

Our lm wants it for 9 months now!! :o He normally always logs his lm for second fight after doing all the other things with warden. But unfortunatly of course he thought he wouldn't get it anyway yesterday and didn't relog for the twins :( I believe a champion got it for free since noone wanted it now :(
But congratulations to you! :D It is a great sword! :D Now you don't have to worry about daggers with good stats anymore hihi ^_^

Erunaneth 24 October 2010 at 09:16  

Thanks. :) I was glad to get it. :)