Scenes from Carn Dum

A friend needed the final boss deed in Carn Dum and so did well as every other deed in there for my super-uber-personal-meta-deed-challenge(TM). :P So today we headed in for some duoing fun.

We both commented on how Carn Dum Castle is cool looking, but it's still a bit cheesy especially when you consider Dol Guldur. Dol Guldur is proper eerie looking.

I did really love the lighting in the Gurthul boss room and caught a nice shot of my loremaster's lightning storm.

I've been to Mordirith a few times, but never ever have I realised that on the floor, there's the shape of The Great Eye. You have to wonder how stuff like this escapes you sometimes. :P

Mordirith was fun, but not particularly challenging. The only casualty was my poor eagle! Of course afterwards we had to pose for the obligatory Witch King's Seat shot!

I've not even reached advanced on some of my CD deeds. It looks like they're going to take forever. I think I'm far more likely to finish Moria instance deeds before CD and Uru!