I joined another kin Helegrod run since I had one deed left in each wing and to help out as there are a few that want to go. I have to say I just really don't enjoy that raid whatsoever. Traiting all red and aoeing to my heart's content is fun for about 5-10min...but then it just gets boring and drags on. I was talking to a friend today and he says it's because the mechanics are outdated. That basically back in the old days of Lotro, raiding was a boss and adds. But now we're used to fears, eyes, aggro swapping, kiting...basically more complex fights. So this makes the older raids seem like mindless killing. I have to say, that seems about right. :P It makes me wonder if I'll find the revamped Rift raid boring whenever it comes out. We'll see.

At least throwing sticky gourd on Zadru was entertaining. It was maaaaasive. BOOM! *causes everyone massive lag* :P