Perlino Steed


I checked the Lotro lotteries and noticed that my captain had won a Perlino Steed.  It's interesting looking and I like the pattern on the blanket, but given that it's no better than any other reputation horses I'll probably never use it.  That and my captain is purely a jeweler right now. :P  I would have rather won it on my main, but having it on one character is enough to satisfy my completionism I think (store horses not included!)

I do wish Turbine would get back to mounts with proper saddles.  When Enedwaith came out, people really loved that change.  The meta deed horses or Prized Grey Company horse are good examples.  The latest rep horses (Dunland, Theoden's Riders, Stangard and Easterling) don't have them.  Sorta a pity given we're getting into quite the horsey area. :P


Ravanel 9 April 2012 at 07:08  

Congrats on your horse! The blanket-thing looks a bit like Easter egg wraps to me, and I'm almost reaing "praline" instead of "perlino", but that's probably just because I ate too many of those. *dizzy*

Hope you enjoy it anyway!