Over on the official forums, someone started a fun thread.  It asks people to share their very first screenshot.  I shared mine there and also thought it was an excellent idea to expand upon here on my blog, especially given I have LOADS of old screenies that would never see the light of day otherwise.  Plus it's fun to look through them and experience the memories.  

So above is my very first screenshot (click for full size.)  I started Lotro off with a hunter.  Lotro was my very first mmo and after reading through the class descriptions, it seemed like it was one of the easiest classes.  I figured that was a good idea given I didn't have a clue what I was doing.  She was my main up until 65.  It was during the Barad Guldur raid that I switched my main to Loremaster.  Whilst my hunter is now a rarely-used woodworker, many deeds finished, and trophies collected, she now sits there unused in her full Great Bow set.  It's a bit sad but once I got into Loremaster, hunter wasn't interesting enough.  I'm glad I started on that class though.  It was a great one to learn how to play the game on.

I found it entertaining that most screenshots in that thread, everyone still had their UI on.  It seems it took a lot of us a bit of time before we learned that we could turn it off.  I also didn't seem to realise first-person view existed for taking pictures of the landscape.  Having my toon, standing in the shot, displaying her back was a common theme of my early screenshots. :D  Also my graphics weren't so great as I had no clue how to make them better.  My characters were quite jagged looking. (First Shire rainbow to the right!)

If you have a blog, how about sharing some of your first screenshots?  Or head on over to the official thread.  It would be fun to see! :)
One of the first Shire sunsets, UI dutifully cropped away! ;)



Ravanel 16 April 2012 at 02:33  

Haha, I was totally the same! Not having a clue how to turn off UI, terrible graphics etc... I can't find any of those first years back though, think I've binned them in total disgust. xD

Yours don't look that bad though. Must be fun to see them back.

Fun fact, I *almost* went for a hunter as well, for the same reasons. It was such a hard choice for me between hunter and lore-master (although it's hard to imagine now, hehe). Eventually I thought: "Nobody knows me, so I'll just run away if I really suck too much as lore-master". I'm so heroic *coughs*.