Acid T2 CM

Big congratulations to my raid alliance, Innocent, for completing challenge mode of the Acid Wing in the Tower of Orthanc.  I didn't sign up last night as I was pretty tired and knew I wouldn't have the patience for that wing.  (I really don't like it and I find the challenge so silly.)  Though on our site one of the leaders was kind enough to mention the suggestions and tips I gave in alliance chat, as I was able to watch everything on my boyfriend's screen. :D  Thanks Essy! :D *hugs*

I was present for our first T2 completion and we're quite proud of the fact that we don't burg stack.  I'm also continually amazed by the champ who main tanks a lot of the bosses for us.  This fight is always particularly hard for him given people really need to go all out on aggro.  I dunno how he does it!  Anyway, everyone worked hard and coordinated well and finally got it. Grats again all. :)

The video! 


Ravanel 16 April 2012 at 02:27  

You have a champ who main tanks the raid bosses for you? :O :D

That sounds like fun!

Anyway a big congrats, that's an awesome achievement, especially since not taking 6 burgs either and that sort of stuff. Cool. :)