Patch Day!

Right now my game is patching and I'm patiently waiting to log on. New content has been a loooong time coming!

For a few months I had been feeling that there wasn't much to do besides endless LI/relic grinding. It's stuff like that where I start to fall short. I want good LIs and good relics, but I have such a hard time forcing myself to work on them. But lately, I've found myself thinking I actually have too much I'd like to do ingame. It's been a welcome change. Though it mainly involves the fluff. :P ...basically working on rep and collecting horses as well as festival stuff and still working on the LI grind in between.

Lotro is introducing new rep and meta deed horses and it's very much spurred people into rep grinding. The one people are working hard towards is the World Renowned meta deed horse which you get for completing kindred with all Eriador factions.

For every faction but Forochel, this would be a relatively quick and easy deed to accomplish. But, unsurprisingly there's now competition for rep items. Every time I've gone to farm rep, there have been others there and some have been quite aggressive about tagging mobs...blatantly grabbing mobs directly in front of you. Maybe once people have new content to explore, the competition will cool a bit!

All in all I'm looking forward to having lots to do! I'm going to hold off Endewaith for a bit as I don't like fighting over mobs and instead will check out the Haunted Burrow, play with the wardrobe and vault and continue to work on rep for my Loremaster.