Epic BG run

So last night I joined a Watcher raid with people in kins our kin is allied with, then did a SG race (two groups racing to see who could finish first). It was quite late and someone joked about us having enough people to do BG...converted to a raid and got together 12 people. But funnily enough, we ended up going in. We started the raid at 4:30am my time! ^^ (click for full picture)

We nearly wiped on the guantlet due to someone having pc issues, but managed to stay alive in order to get people rezzed! So on to Durchest we went!

Some of us wanted to do HM, but our leader wisely made us do EM due to lack of radiance...and well because it was damned late. To our suprise we got him down!

Now you'd think we'd stop there right? Because it was like 5:30am. But some of us jokingly ran on...and we continued! \o/ The bits with the sorcerers went surprisingly well. The leader even commented we were doing better than his own kin often does! :P This bit of the raid is always stressful and boring for me. Babysitting a sorcerer!:

And then it was on to the Twins which we also got done in EM. We finally concluded the raid at 7am! :D :P

All in all, it's pretty awesome a pug cleared through the Twins in the wee hours in the morning! :D


Breggie 19 November 2010 at 16:39  

was epic fun! :D and that save was more than i had thaught we could do :D