LI rant

I cannot wait until they redo the LI system and I pray that the devs actually make good changes (though some changes, like changes to the vault don't give me much confidence! P:) I'm getting really sick of the lottery of it all. With symbols freely flowing, tons of 2nd agers are being made and I've seen kinnies go through lots of failtastic LIs whilst a few have gotten lucky. One friend is on his 9th LM might be a keeper but it's still not quite what he wants. Or take me who made a 2nd age staff and it only got two!! legacies on ID, not to mention crap base stats. Failstick:

It seems the only time I do get nice LIs is with ones that are low level and I'm purely using for Moria ixp and relics. I'd love to use this book!:

I want more control over my LIs. I want them to actually feel legendary, to stay with me for a long time whilst I customise them. I'd trade slower leveling/building of LIs for a lot more control. And they could also go ahead and do away with all the crappy pool B legacies no one wants (Inner Flame healing? Srsly?) and stop stacking the odds against us getting the good pool A legacies that we pretty much MUST get on ID. I'm not holding my breath for the system to be made better, but one can always hope.