Moving forward

Introducing my new blog, Wandering Through Digital Worlds!

If this is your first time visiting Wandering Through Middle Earth, please head on over to the new blog given it is the one that will be updated from now on.

Here are the RSS feeds for the new blog (email subscription can be found at the new blog). You can follow the blog in its entirety which will cover Lotro, GW2, and occasionally other games or only follow specifically Lotro or GW2 I hope I did this right.  It's my first time using feedburner!:
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For those of you who've been following this blog, I'm sure you noticed my latest Guild Wars 2 post and that there will be more to come.  In the past I've snuck in a post about other games a few times but it felt a little bit wrong as well, they had nothing to do with Middle Earth. ;)  When I first created Wandering Through Middle Earth, Lotro was the only game I had screenshots of and the only one I wanted to talk about.  During the past year there have been other games I've been playing and would like to talk about, but have mostly refrained due to this being a Lotro blog.  I'd like for that to change and to have a more general gaming blog, yet its focus will still be on Lotro and soon Guild Wars 2 as well.  So I've tweaked the title of the blog to reflect what I do:  wander through and explore games!

I could have changed the url for this blog, but that seemed like a huge hassle that could potentially lose followers.  In the end, I've decided to leave this blog here as it has a history and has become established on the web (reading up on feeds and google standings and how not to lose followers.. ugh, did my head in :P). Also I couldn't get the polished look I wanted here at blogger.  Wordpress isn't perfect but I'm much more happy with the final result.

I've imported the entirety of Wandering Through Middle Earth over, including comments and will be continuing with posting there, so this will be the last post at this blog.  I really hope everyone makes it over!

If you're a blogger that has been kind enough to have this blog in your blogroll, I'd be incredibly grateful if you could change the link to the new blog! :)

It's been fun here at Wandering Through Middle Earth but I look forward to an expanded topic list.  Not much will change though.  Just a new url, a few new subjects and what I think is a much prettier look!

See you over at Wandering Through Digital Worlds!


Ravanel 20 August 2012 at 02:08  

Wow, that's a surprise! I can see where you're coming from, though. Even though LotRO is by far my main game, and it probably always will be, I thought I didn't want to restrict myself to only writing about that - I want to room to say whatever I feel like. I'm sure you'll love that sense of freedom!

I've also been thinking about moving to Wordpress - the layouts there just look so much more professional! - but the prospect of having to do the whole layout all over again (it was a real pain on blogspot) stops me. It's great that you managed to import all your posts into Wordpress, though, how did you do that? Was it much work?

I've added your new blog to my blogroll and everything and will see you over there!

Lothirieth 21 August 2012 at 18:52  

The wordpress layout is pretty easy to figure out (the only thing that I struggled a moment with was Menus and Pages). Having the freedom to take as long as I need doing the layout was another reason I moved to wordpress. I didn't have to have a work in progress look on my working blog. My only gripe with wordpress is changing the font is a paid feature. So you'll be stuck with whatever font the layout you've chosen has unless you want to spend $30/year.

Importing from blogger was super easy. Under Tools, there is an import option, then you chose blogger and follow the instructions. You just wait a few minutes for it to bring over everything. All posts, comments and your tags are imported, though the tags get converted to Categories.

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