lol, ur a n00b!

Ugh, that's what I felt like last night. :P Which is frustrating as I'm clearly not.

I joined a 6-man skirmish with some RRU members so I could get to know a few of them. (I signed up with them last week in an attempt to be able to do a bit more raiding...though I wonder how much more raiding I'll really be able to do...having a non-gaming husband makes it difficult). When it comes to fellowship maneuvers, they prefer ad hoc round-the-clock ones. They don't go setting a FM and assigning colours. Just go around the FS wheel and add the next colour.

You can start with either colour and go clockwise or anticlockwise. They do this for versatility, as straights are still the strongest and the leader can pick which fm is best for the situation. Seems simple huh?

Well, in theory it looks really simple but I had quite a hard time with it. :/ They have a FM trainer which I've tried out and gotten quick with, but it doesn't simulate other people adding colours extremely fast, multiple of the same colour being added and having to be removed, you having to remove a wrong colour as someone got to it first, nor the issues certain classes can have when they're at range. R and Y generally suck for LM/MNS while conversely, B and G can suck for hunter. I found myself being a bit paranoid about always being close to the mob so as LM, all options would be open. And I think I only joined in one correct FM. :/ Not to mention I got chided for jumping to cancel my fm contribution. Not sure why...guess it's slower to come back with a new contribution.

Soooo...I've signed up for some raids with them. But now I'm a bit uptight about this whole FM thing and seeming like a noob. :/ We'll see how it goes.


xhii 26 July 2010 at 02:18  

Hey, the best LMs always melee (staff strike ftw!), or at least as long as there's no 360 aoe damage flying around, of course :D.

Erunaneth 26 July 2010 at 03:08  

Yeah, I do try to get in there for staff strike but generally start with debuffs and ranged attacks...then run in. Probably because that's how I've gotten used to playing through soloing.