Instance News

Sapience on the official forums:

We are working on an instance cluster. Currently it is planned to be part of an update due to release after the Riders of Rohan expansion has shipped.

*sigh* Why? :/ I'm not fond of this method of supposedly giving us new content through the year.  It feels like they're purposefully stringing things out to make it look like they're updating more frequently.  To me that will be a faux update, one that should have come out with the new expansion.

So it looks like we're going to be in for the same problem as RoI.  Hit level cap in a couple of weeks and then have to wait around.  Lame.


xhii 6 June 2012 at 12:58  

You mean "Hit level cap in a couple of weeks and then run School and Library at 85" ;D

(sorry, couldn't resist!)

But yeah I agree with what you wrote, one would think new instances should be the staple of any expansion. And if there's not even a new raid..

Ravanel 7 June 2012 at 06:18  

I was sort of half-expecting this already but am nevertheless dreading the prospect. It's Enedwaith-->OD and RoI-->ToO all over again...

The most annoying thing about it is that I really could use some more time on ToO T2 as well. There's still challenges to complete there, and I'm supposed to be in one of the main raiding kins of my server... It will be less attractive to continue in ToO once RoR has hit and even though I'm a *really* slow leveler, even I got pretty bored when hitting 'end game' in RoI.

They should really stop these ridiculous things and give us proper expansions with worthwhile end-game content, as they used to do.

Lothirieth 7 June 2012 at 08:45  

Oh yep, that's true xhii. I'd forgotten about the School/Library grind. Must have been so horrible I blocked it out. ;)

Rav - I'm part of I suppose what could be called the top raiding kin on my server... or at least we're the ones getting most things done first, but we've not yet conquered T2 Saruman let alone the challenge mode. I feel we're starting to have a chance at T2 at least. F&F is another issue given we don't burg stack. But I too wonder if we'll have enough time to complete all the challenges, especially for everyone's mains. Lately I have to go dps rk instead of on my LM.

I'm not the fastest of levelers but I think I'm faster than normal, especially now that I duo with my boyfriend. I found a lot of people getting bored once they hit endgame. It was over 2 months until we got ToO and I'm afraid of that same long period again.