Well done Turbine...

So Update 7 hit this past Monday.  You'd think an update would improve the game, right?  Well, not in Turbine's case. *sigh*

Introducing a new class: Super Invisible Loremaster!!  No Turbine Points necessary, it's free to all!

Anytime a Loremaster uses Light of the Rising Dawn or Cracked earth, the character disappears.  You can also see another bug in the 2nd picture.  Something has gone wrong with all legendary weapons across all classes. Firstly when you're running, it bounces all over your back and even more spectacularly the LI glow doesn't sync with the weapon.  Characters don't even hold their weapons properly anymore either.  I had to laugh when I first saw it because it's so bad.

Stealth characters now appear to have super stealth as well.  I heard players reporting that they could barely see their wargs, that basically they'd turned into floating names.  So I checked out my burg and it was affected too:
I'm really quite astonished at the amount of things Turbine broke and are now being classified bugs:
-Invisible LMs during two frequently used skills
-increased opacity on stealthed characters so that they nearly go invisible
-LI weapon placement and corresponding glow unsynced with the characters
-female hobbits suddenly gaining A LOT of weight overnight
-Ettens pots go from 10 pots per 125 commendations to 5 pots per 125 commendations
-Cosmetics changing colours
-Rep horses changing their look drastically
-Deleting physical masteries, crit ratings, morale and bleeds from already obtained crafted weapons
-Champion Swift Strike taking on the combat animation and speed of Blade Wall, rendering it neither swift or a strike.
-Release star-lit crystals knowing they do not work on champion runes or burglar tools.  Also said crystals drastically increase stats on 3rd/2nd agers (to the point that 2nd agers are nearly as good as 1st agers) yet 1st agers do not enjoy the same increases when crystals are applied.  Crystals are also not rare, so unless your group remembers to change the loot rule, the first person who opens the chest acquires the crystal.  If that member isn't honest or kind enough to let everyone roll, well, you're screwed. 

Oh you you rolled need on that because you needed it to sell it on the AH?
I'm sure I've missed bugs.  All the old ones are still there as well.  They've also made more changes that water down the game but more on that in another entry I think.  But seriously, I cannot fathom how these things came to be messed up... things that were fine before this update.  It seems like Turbine has this need to mess with stuff that isn't broken and in the meantime, break it, all the while there's real stuff that needs fixing.  Yes we got a new skirmish (though my boyfriend and I tried it on t2 and it was facerollingly easy. Granted we're geared about as good as you can get on a LM, but still...), the new maps are very pretty, but overall this was a fail of an update.  I don't understand how they couldn't catch this stuff, why they don't test more, why they need to rush out buggy material.  A kinnie said in game that he doesn't play the game for its graphics, but for the people.  Sure, but when a company can't professionally release a working product, that will drive people away.  Diablo III was just released, GW2 and Secret World are coming out soon.  I understand the need to keep up and give players new things to do, but releasing it in a bugged state and breaking things that were previously fine isn't going to keep people around and will only further damage their confidence in Turbine. [/rant]


Ravanel 16 May 2012 at 10:46  

Heh, I wrote the same (in less detail) this morning and I totally agree with you. Why didn't they just wait a while and fix things first before rushing in and releasing the thing? It's not like everyone was waiting *that* eagerly for update 7, it was merely announced 10 days ago!

Lothirieth 16 May 2012 at 11:04  

I really don't know. :/ I don't know why they don't listen to the feedback on the Bullroarer servers more. But surely this stuff wasn't happening on Bullroarer as I never saw anything mentioned about these problems on the forum. It's all very weird.

Ravanel 17 May 2012 at 07:50  

Hmm, that's a good point. If nothing was going on on Bullroarer that explains why they thought "okay, let's just implement it". Still very weird that it ended up like this, of course.

I don't play on Bullroarer myself, as I like to be surprised by things (no testing for me). Was hard to ignore the stuff Bullroarer people were posting on their blogs, though! ;)

Lothirieth 17 May 2012 at 08:51  

I don't play on Bullroarer either. I'd rather experience the new content for real. I do read the forum a bit when it comes to new systems or mechanics which is why I feel safe to assume none of this happened on the forum.

It can be hard to ignore the posts on blogs on the forum that have to do with storyline or instances!