New dress

Well, long time no post. Starting a new job which I also have to bike to (haven't done that for years so it's a wee bit tiring :P) will do that unfortunately!

Yesterday I my Loremaster got a letter in the mail from Nora Strawley, thanking me for my kindness in Frostbluff and telling me that the townspeople were doing much better. She said that she'd come into a bit of money and had some things for me to express her thanks. Today I accepted the quest and headed over to Bree to collect my new rewards which were two cosmetics and a title.

I don't quite get the 'Villain' title considering it was good work I was doing. Apparently this comes from completing the hidden deed in the Yule Festival which was to complete the giving coins quest 10 times. I only took pictures of the dress unfortunately. I deleted the robe straight off considering it's manly and I'll never wear it. I didn't think to grab any screenies first. Apologies! The dress is pretty nice and will make for a decent change for a while. I dyed it with Ered Luin Blue I believe...or Evendim...can't remember. :P It's annoyingly but understandably bind on aquire. (cries for the state of her loremaster's bags/vaults)


Breggie 28 January 2011 at 20:35  

ooo! thats a pretty dress! didnt know that there was a hidden deed there. heh.

Erunaneth 29 January 2011 at 12:41  

I think it's safe too assume there are gonna be 'do x 10 times' all over the place now. :P