So f2p and any new content is delayed for a week and up to the end of this month. And here's how they're saying they're going to help make up for that:

To help ease the wait for Free to Play we decided to re-run some of your favourite live events. So watch out for trolls hurling rocks at you, brigands attacking you from behind, Margot, chicken of the Shire, clucking for assistance to escort her through the Ettenmoors and much more.

Srsly? A GM troll that causes so much lag some people can't execute skills or a GM chicken that's only in the Ettens? You've got to be kidding me.

Meh, I've been waiting for this to hit to start doing my deeds (and sighing a bit everytime I complete one without trying :P) and had wanted to roll a free account so I could free up a character from a kin (can't lose that kin house!) to join Loth-i-Lonnath for some more regular rp. Now that's all on hold. Not to mention, still no new content!

For something more positive: look at the cute little orcses bedbunk! :D Little touches like these are kewl.

Aaaand I realised today my captain completed enough deep quests to get the Foundations swift travel and innocence before even going to Foundations. Nice! No desire to quest there at all!